My backyard!

I love it here…can somebody say GREEN! I will transform the yard into my little homestead!

My family and I envision a world where all people live simply, so we all may simply live. We are interested in a healthier and sustainable way of life on our new modern family homestead. We thought about reducing our consumption of outside resources and asked ourselves what can we do to reduce our carbon footprint on mother Earth. For us self-sufficiency is learning to grow our own, make our own, bake our own and sell our own. We have introduced a lifestyle change to live a simpler, healthier and more sustainable way of life while using fewer outside resources and protecting our food supply from pesticides and toxic additives. We have consumed more than our fair share of energy and resources since our entry into this world and are now taking steps to exist on a small fraction of what we used to consume. We are not only making a conscious effort to reduce consumption but we are also experiencing an inner connection with nature and all living things around us while respecting mother Earth and all she has to offer. By discovering our spiritual connection with nature and animals we have accessed a powerful way to receive information and guidance for healthy living. In order to benefit from this connection we have made a few pleasant additions to our lifestyle such as vegetable and fruit gardening, raising chickens for eggs and meat, hunting, composting for organic fertilizer, rain barrels for watering (free water!), canning vegetables and fruits, baking our own bread and other baked goods, making some of our own clothing and soap products, and as it all began, heating our home with wood to reduce our use of home heating oil. Our intention is about living mindfully with what we have to work with creating a happy peaceful sense of contentment with life. This will be a valuable journey. Valuable not only in living sustainably but also bringing together our family, friends and neighbors who are equally excited and have given us help all along the way, from planning and digging out the garden to building a chicken coop and helping care for our animals. It is a wonderful way for all of us to show gratitude and love and creates a connection of oneness between all of us. All great projects must be well documented and we’ve chosen to share our experiences, insights, failures, and successes with our family and friends via this site. We welcome your thoughts and advice on our projects. Join us!

Veronica, Tonya, Randi, Daniel,
and our dear friend and neighbor Bob

~~We are connected to something larger than ourselves. I have come to believe that the only way we will ever come together on this planet is to see each other’s spirit first.~~


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