peaceThe summer of 2017 will be a memorable one. Filled with outdoor fun, family and friends. We are seasonal campers this year, on a permanent site and the new camper feels just like home. Camping provides us the opportunity to explore and find pleasure in nature. We are blessed with trails, woods and lots of green beautiful trees, plants, and a friendly “like-minded” community. Cooking outdoors, sitting by campfires, falling asleep to the croaking of bullfrogs and awakening with birds in song is nothing short of heaven. This is our new journey, come along with us as we learn, and enjoy our adventure as seasonal campers!

So maybe some ask, what is seasonal camping? Seasonal camping is when you reserve one campsite for an extended period of time, and you are free to come and go at your own convenience. I enjoy the certainty of the site being readily available when I want to use it. For us short weekend getaways became even shorter when we factored in all the preparation and cleanup time. With our seasonal site, our RV is set up and ready to go upon arrival on a Friday evening, after a long work week. A huge bonus is that we don’t have to leave or check out on Sunday morning, instead we get to sleep in and enjoy a cup of coffee and a campfire breakfast, okay maybe avocado toast but breakfast just the same…there are no check out times when you are a seasonal camper! If we ever feel like hooking up the camper and traveling, we can do that, but for now the RV is parked and ready. All we have to do is show up with some clean clothes and a bag of groceries!

There have been a few transitional challenges we have encountered in our first few weeks out here such as learning to cook healthy outdoor meals consistent with our lifestyle, the art of container gardening, and the how-to of maintaining an RV as needed. Luckily I am a quick learn and my love for reading is certainly to my advantage! I have  already cleaned and inspected the roof, unclogged a toilet (yay me!) and built a fire pit! We have also been fortunate to have our friend Lisa help mulch the plant beds and the Zen garden this week, (Thank You Lisa!!) and we began to tackle planting tomatoes, herbs and lettuce in containers. I chose container gardening because we are surrounded by many tall trees, container gardening offers the opportunity to move the pots around as necessary to catch the sun. It is more about creating and personal expression. Much depends on a person’s individual taste and preference. I find the plant kingdom to be very rich in texture, color and taste offering us variance for a simple plant based diet; however it does seem the chipmunks feel the same way about my plants! They are cute, but I am inventive, keeping them at bay!

We haven’t had much problem with mosquitos or other insects in the woods and have really put my R.A.D Bath + Body Insect Repellent to the test. I still use only my concentrated all natural body products and all purpose soap here because they are multi-use, meaning I don’t have to bring a slew of products with me. We try to keep what we bring and the items in the camper to a minimum. Minimalist camping if you will. I think that is what I love most about living in a camper. It is small. It doesn’t leave room for the unnecessary. Anxiety and clutter go hand in hand. So clear your space clear– your mind. Keeping it light is a simple way to center, balance and let go.

My dogs love it here as well. Their favorite part of the day is going for a walk and I love the exercise. While walking the other day with my Chow Soso, we encountered a non-venomous rat snake, it was about three feet long and just basking in the sun, on top a pile of leaves, until we disturbed him, well he just sat up and slithered away. Scared me though and also reminded me to wear my hiking boots and not to wear flip flops when walking in or near the woods.

Our time here so far has proven to be exciting. I will continue to update as time allows and I will try to get some pictures up so you all can follow along with our new experience. Over the next few weeks we will try our hand at building a floating deck for outdoor cooking and may have to move the shed to afford more room and space.

I look forward to your comments and sharing your own experience with camping or outdoor living! — Good Vibes!


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